Wedding Dance lessons.


Let us make your first dance as husband and wife a highlight of your day.”

Bring in your special song on a cd or iphone and we will choreograph a bridal dance to suit.

Our dance studios will give you the confidence to dance at your wedding with poise and ease. We specialise in Bridal dancing and will tailor your dance lessons to suit your needs.

Your friendly, professional instructor will make sure you feel as relaxed as possible during your lessons.
You will be surprised by how fun and easy it is to make your first dance together as husband and wife a highlight of your wedding day.

With lots of practise, most couples require between 4-6 private lessons.
We suggest you start 6-8 weeks prior to your Wedding day.

For those who want to make their dance more specatacular (for eg; “Time of my life” from Dirty Dancing), then you will require more time.

Many have joined one of our beginner dance courses six months prior to their wedding so that you look more fluid.

Give Steve & Desne’ call to book your wedding dance lessons on 8401 3164.


Az & Pam's wedding pic

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